Header for testimonials page for Angel Paws pet euthanasia Wiltshire

From Kristen

"Thank you for making the whole process as painless as possible and for explaining everything to us calmly and patiently. It was exactly what we wanted for our Elly and we can’t thank you enough x"(Ellys family)

From Emma

"Thank you for providing a wonderful and dignified passing for Tilly. Sadly, she's left a huge paw hole." (Tillys family)

From Sue

"Thank you for the sensitive and caring way you helped Sid to the Rainbow Bridge. It hasn’t been easy losing him but I’m so glad it was you who did the deed!" (Sids family)

From Marjorie

"I just wanted to thank you so much for taking so much care with Bobby. He was always very stressed when we took him to the vet so your help at the end was invaluable and we can’t thank you enough. His end was so peaceful in his own bed and we couldn’t have wished for a more dignified end for him.We won’t ever forget Angel Paws, we all feel...

From Dai

"Trisha,Thank you for you kindness and reassuring presence today, it made the whole process easier for me and the family. (Beckys family)"

From Hugh and Wendy

"Thank you for looking after our Lovely Girl Pickles. It was very nice and quite in fact brilliant, Love"

From Shelly

"Trish, Thank you so much xx. You are an Angel you took so much care of my Little Olly, Love from Shelly & Andy xxx (Olly’s family)"

From Jude

"Such a painful day yesterday made so much easier by being able to say good bye to my gorgeous Ruby at home. Thank you for letting me take my time and comforting me. It made our last moments together much more peaceful." (Ruby’s Family)

From Ginny

"Thank you so much for the amazing kind and gentle send off you gave to our dear little friend on Wednesday and for making it the best possible end for her,It meant so much that it could be at home and that she didn't know anything about it and didn't suffer at all at the last.She is now under the apple tree next to her best friend Skittles the cat...