A beagle dog sits in an open suitcase with clothes and leisure items. Summer travel, preparing for a trip, packing luggage. Top view.

We considered ourselves some of the “lucky ones” as we got married at the end of 2019, just before *you know what* hit. As a result our plans, like so many others were cancelled. We were so disappointed, but in the scheme of things it was trivial compared to the real struggles others faced.

Over the last two and a half years as Angel Paws was created and grown, my wonderful husband Matt has been very patient and understanding of the focus and priority I give to all my clients. He recognises this hard work and the importance of the service I provide to families and their pets.

He NEVER complains. Matt is one in a million, he is my rock. Matt was my biggest supporter and cheerleader when I left clinical practice with a little idea in the back of my mind to start-up Angel Paws. To this day, he has supported me every step of the way, but it hasn’t been easy, not for him.

When days have already been fully booked, many extra early morning or late evening appointments have been quietly added into my diary in addition to full weekends of appointments, often running several weeks in a row. Then, when I am home, I’m invariably answering enquiries and managing the day to day business admin that Angel Paws requires.

Matt has always been there for me, in the background, helping whenever and in any way he could. Last-minute changes in plans, late dinners, he has never grumbled. It’s time we give some of that focus to ourselves and spend some quality time together. We have been waiting a long time for this. Our Honeymoon at last!

So to recap:

Angel Paws will be CLOSED while we finally embark on our long awaited honeymoon.

We will be travelling in remote areas with very limited internet access, so I will be completely unavailable to answer any enquiries before Monday 4th December.

*** APPOINTMENTS will only resume on Friday 8th December *** 

Matt and I both thank you for your understanding.

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