Have your pet gently put to sleep in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of your own home

Angel Paws is a small and independently run mobile veterinary service based in Shrewton in south Wiltshire which provides peaceful pet euthanasia in your own home. Operating within approximately 20 miles of Shrewton, Angel Paws enables pet owners to have loving and dignified pet euthanasia in the privacy, security and comfort of their own homes. Angel Paws also offers a wide selection of cremation and memorial options for your pet’s remains through our cremation partners.

In my experience as a practicing veterinarian I always found that having your family pet put to sleep in your own home was far less stressful for the pet. It is also far more comforting for the pet owners and family involved in comparison to the standard method of having to take your pet to the veterinary clinic to be euthanised.  COVID-19 changed this clinical experience making it more difficult and stressful for all those involved. Sadly, since the pandemic, many vet practices have not been able to return to offering home visits due to various reasons, including staff shortages and increased numbers of clients requiring clinical appointments. Home euthanasia for pets wasn’t always a  guaranteed service offered to pet owners….but most especially not now, during these more recent and difficult times. Angel Paws is specifically and thoughtfully designed to change this experience by providing a personalised home visit service for pets and their devoted owners.

About me

Dr Patricia Parr owner at Angel Paws

Dr. Patricia Parr
DrMedVet, BAgrSc, MRCVS

My name is Trisha Parr and I am a fully qualified and RCVS registered clinical vet. Prior to establishing Angel Paws I worked as a companion and small animal vet. I worked in a variety of small animal practices and exotic pet clinics in my home town of Dublin before moving to live in the UK in 2016. Since then I worked in a number of veterinary clinics in Wiltshire and in Yorkshire.

I have always had a great affinity for animals and surrounded myself with various pets throughout my life and still do so today. As a pet owner myself I am very conscious of the enormous emotional impact that pet euthanasia has on their owners. You will get conflicting feelings of both guilt and grief arising together when you come to make that very difficult but inevitably the best and kindest decision for your own beloved pet. That is what led me to developing this personalised end-of-life service conducted in the familiar surroundings of your pet’s own home.

Saying goodbye to Bodie

In 2017 when it was time for my beloved 13 year old Irish Red Setter Bodie to grow his Angel wings the whole procedure was performed in glorious sunshine in the comfort of our own back garden. Bodie never liked going to our local vet clinic despite how lovely the staff were with him. He always got quite stressed during his visits there. We did not want him to suffer this stress or to have any fear at the end. Being able to let him drift away peacefully in the comfort of his own home in familiar surroundings was the greatest gift we could offer him. Our special vet provided this kind service for Bodie. I knew then in my heart that more pets and pet-owners would benefit from this kind of service. I wanted to make this choice available to pet owners for when that time came for their own cherished pets so that they would be absolutely comfortable and stress free during their final moments. Angel Paws is Bodie’s legacy.


Bodie “Lanzerax Majuba”
30/06/2004 – 18/05/2017